Cloud 9 Adventures prides itself in providing the best sea kayak coaching and instruction on Prince Edward Island.  Our programs are sure to challenge you.  Our programs are developed to be participant-focused and we have had great success with participant skill acquisition and retention through a fun, supportive and progressive learning environment.  We are always honoured to receive feedback from our past participants.  Below are just a few that we have received…

“After the course was completed I felt that we had gained a tremendous amount of skill. The training was well worth the monetary investment! Our paddling technique is much more effective and as a result we are much more confident kayakers. I will say, Jarrod, as a teacher, was amazing. He is a calm, thorough instructor with an evident and contagious passion for kayaking. He pushes you to do your best and try new things but all the while we felt extremely safe during the drills and exercises we completed. We would both love to pursue more training with Jarrod in the future!” ~ Trish & Gary H

Jarrod is a natural teacher both on and off the water. I experienced first-hand his expertise and incredible ability to connect with every student paddler during a PC Level 1 course. Although I had already been paddling for several years, I finally learned proper stroke techniques, rescues, safety, navigation, and much more over the two days spent with Jarrod. He was attentive to each student’s specific needs and abilities and continually monitored our fatigue levels. I felt safe and encouraged during even the most challenging exercises. With Jarrod, I raised my paddling skills to a whole new level and continue to do so. ~Bethany D

“The first time I met Jarrod was during an Intro Course.  I was uncomfortable around water and had never sat in a kayak before.  From baby steps in flat water to now paddling in moving water and negotiating rock gardens, I owe alot to Jarrod………I consider myself fortunate to have Jarrod as my first sea kayak instructor and wish others the same.  His unabated joy and quality of teaching is inspiring!” ~ Paul M

“I was new to kayaking and even a bit afraid of the water.  I quickly found out that I was in the hands of a professional.  Throughout the day I was gently guided through a variety of paddle strokes and most importantly what to do if I fell out of my kayak.  If I was hesitant or worried Jarrod always seemed to have a way to help me find my way.  After working with Cloud 9 Adventures I know I have the confidence to continue to enjoy my kayak on the river I live!” ~Sharon T

“I’ve been working with Jarrod for the past 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Jarrod is a great coach on and off the water he is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, he really takes the time to get to know his students and what they want from his training. I will definitely be taking more courses/ clinics from Jarrod @ Cloud 9 Adventures” ~Jason R

“I enjoyed learning new techniques on the water with Cloud 9, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to learn more! I am definitely interested in taking more courses! ~ Lindsay A

Paddle Canada Level 1 Group at Lunch Break





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