Winter Pool Sessions

Stay active in your kayak over the winter!

We will be offering kayak pool clinics to give paddlers a chance to work on and further develop their paddling, rescue and rolling skills in the comfort of a warm pool.  This is a great opportunity to work on water confidence and build on skills such as wet exits, assisted and unassisted rescues, edging and bracing, support strokes and the progression towards a roll. We understand that not everyone is able to make multiple sessions; however, we have found those that are able to attend multiple sessions are able to build on successes from session to session.  We are aware that some folks may not have access to a kayak, let us know, we have a few kayaks and gear available for rental.

Date – November 30, 2018 from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location – Bell Aliant Center, Charlottetown

* We will have more dates in 2019 as well, coming soon!



Water Confidence & Rescues – $50/ 2 hour

This session is great for those that want to stay active in their boat and continue to work and refine their skills – all skill levels are welcome, we will cater our activities to your skills.  Also, if newer to paddling, this session is also a great opportunity to build comfort and confidence in your boat while staying warm in an indoor pool.  This session can be catered to the needs of the participants, however, common skills covered include edge control, support strokes, and a variety of assisted and unassisted rescue techniques.  Plan to get wet in the warm pool!  This session is limited to 6 paddlers.


Rolling Progression – $75/ 2 hour

For those paddlers that have started or are ready to start working towards developing a roll, the pool is a great way to get started.  Developing a consistent and confident roll is a process and we will guide you through a developmental progression to meet your goals.  This will start with developing foundational movements and skills necessary to progress to rolling with confidence.  This session is best suited for paddlers with previous training on edge control, rescue techniques and support strokes.  Those paddlers that have Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills and interested in improving are often well suited to begin these sessions.  This session is limited to 3 paddlers.


Working on a rolling progression