Pool Sessions

Stay active in your kayak over the winter!

We will be organizing kayak pool sessions to give paddlers a chance to get in their kayak and work on their skills throughout the winter months  This is a great opportunity to work on water confidence and build on skills such as wet exits, assisted and unassisted rescues, edging and bracing, support strokes and the progression towards a roll.


For this winter we will be offering these sessions as self-guided sessions. We are viewing these sessions as more community sessions and we are looking to create an opportunity for us to get together on the water. We will have multiple instructors on the water during these sessions, but, they will be working on their skills as well.  That said, our instructors are always open to discuss things you might be working on, but it will not be a formal instruction session.

We are planning to have one session every month throughout the entire winter. We want to first gauge interest in this new format. We are posting a date for mid-December right now, but will be adding dates for January very soon. Starting in January we will add in the opportunity for rolling consultation as well (more on that to come later).


Self Guided Pool Practice – $40+tax

-Bell Aliant Centre (Charlottetown)-

This session is limited to 10 paddlers

This session is great for those that want to stay active in their boat and continue to work and refine their skills – all skill levels are welcome! This session will allow you to come work on whatever skill you want to in the comfort of a warm pool

  • February 3 from 7:30pm – 9:00pm
  • February 24 from 7:30pm-9:00pm