Skills & Scenery

Cloud 9 Adventures is excited to be offer these exciting new paddling opportunities with our Skills & Scenery Series. These are designed to welcome paddlers of all abilities to join us as we explore some of our favourite paddling locations around Prince Edward Island!

These paddles will not only take us to beautiful and scenic paddling locations, but will also dedicate a bit of our time together to work on and develop a specific skill. This will give newer paddlers a chance to focus on a new skill or for more seasoned paddlers a chance to practice and refine your existing skills for improvement.

Charlottetown Harbour with Blockhouse Lighthouse in the Distance

All of our sessions will be offered by a Paddle Canada certified instructor and will include approximately 30 minutes of our time together will be focused on skill development and instruction with the other 90 minutes dedicated to going for a paddle, enjoying the spectacular Island scenery and trying out and practicing our new skills along the way. This series will be a great way to have some fun, get out in nature, improve your paddling and meet other paddlers!

Everyone is welcome on these sessions; however, there is some mandatory equipment that all paddlers will be required to have (listed below). If you don’t have a kayak or some of the gear listed please let us know as we do have some rental options for you.

Each session is limited to 6 paddlers.


2020 Dates coming in the New Year!



Transportation Canada has minimum safety equipment requirements for all kayakers on the water. If you do not have any of these items let us know and we have some extras if you would like to join us on our Skills & Scenery Series paddles. The list is as follows:

  1. Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  2. 15m of floating line (throwbag)
  3. Bailing Device
  4. Sound signaling device (Whistle)
  5. Watertight flashlight (only for July 11th session)


Instruction and 2 hours of fun!


Personal paddling clothing, snacks and water, kayak and kayak related gear

** If you do not have a kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available for both

All of our programs are led by a Paddle Canada certified instructor.