Riding the Fundy Tides

This 5-day skill development adventure is designed with the paddler in mind that is looking to further develop and refine their boat control in rough waters. Join us on the Bay of Fundy and experience the largest tides in the world as this tidal currents based program will take paddlers to two different padding venues on the Bay of Fundy. While tidal currents and surfing is the backdrop for these venues there are development opportunities beyond boat control.  Paddlers will have opportunities to develop and explore leadership, safety & rescue and decision-making in this coastal and tidal environment.

The venue for the first two days will be the Shubie Tidal Bore.  This venue will offer opportunities to refine skills while paddling in tidal currents, building confidence and comfort in dynamic waters as well as exploring positioning and timing for surfing on standing waves.  This 3-hour run will start by catching a ride on the incoming tidal bore and will be followed by using the flooding tide to work our way up the river in search of a variety of tidal races and standing waves created by the impressive tides in the Bay of Fundy.  The opportunity to paddle the highest tides in the world is like no other and will be sure to leave you smiling.

Shubie Tidal Bore Video

Running the Shubie — by: Kayak Hipster

The beauty of the Brier Island landscape will be the backdrop for the remainder of the program. Brier Island is one of those special places that provides paddling opportunities like no other. This location will draw the adventurer to the end of the road! As you travel down the long narrow Digby Neck you will first take a ferry across Petite Passage to Long Island.  As you travel the length of Long Island you will quickly realize you are heading somewhere extraordinary.  One last ferry across Grand Passage and you will land at Brier Island and quickly become immersed in this idyllic Island poking out into the mouth of the Bay of Fundy.  The largest tides in the world have traveled between these islands shaping the land and creating a paddling paradise.

With the ability to paddle in different play spots on the flooding and ebbing tidal current this location provides plenty of opportunities! We have 2 course dates on offer for 2022!


Check out our Program Information Package for all the details:


Date – June 13-17, 2022

Location – Shubie Tidal Bore & Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Price – $849+tax (3 nights accommodation and 2 group suppers included)



Date – August 13-17, 2022

Location – Shubie Tidal Bore & Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Price – $849+tax (3 nights accommodation and 2 group suppers included)

**Only 2 spots remain**


*  To maximize learning and fun this session is limited to 6 participants

** If you do not have a kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available


  • Helmet & Immersion Gear (Wetsuit/Drysuit)
  • Paddlers are expected to have previous paddling experience in tidal currents or surf and swell.
  • Comfortable with wet-exits, rescue skills and swimming and are now attempting rolls in rough water.
  • Paddlers are expected to have a Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills or equivalent skills

Brier Island – One of our venues on the ebb current

Slocum Corner Wave – Video By: Ben Fontenot

Brier Island – One of our venues on the flooding current

Gull Rocks – Video By: Ben Fontenot

All of our programs are lead by experienced Paddle Canada certified instructors