Paddle 4 Fitness

Let’s get outside, get some exercise and enjoy nature!

Kayaking is a great activity to get us outside, enjoy nature and all while staying active and healthy.  Fitness and health is one of the reasons many people get into kayaking.  Paddle 4 Fitness is a six-part evening series that will have a small group come together 2 times a month through June, July & August for 2 hours each session.

Each of the two hour sessions (6:00-8:00pm) will begin with 30-45 minutes of forward stroke technique work, practice and drills.  This will allow us to improve the efficiency of our paddling stroke. The remainder of each session will be focused on putting our technique to work by paddling more efficiently and comfortably.  This program will help build your paddling strength and endurance as well as efficiency on the water and will be sure to get our heart rates going.


2019 Dates will be released in the New Year!