Pool Sessions West Coast

We will be offering kayak pool clinics to give paddlers a chance to work on and further develop their paddling, rescue and rolling skills in the comfort of a warm pool this winter. This is a great opportunity to work on water confidence and build on skills such as wet exits, assisted and unassisted rescues, edging and bracing, support strokes and work on or towards a roll. We understand that not everyone is able to make multiple sessions; however, we have found those that are able to attend multiple sessions are able to build on successes from session to session.  We are aware that some folks may not have access to a kayak, let us know, we have a few kayaks and gear available for rental.

Rescues Tune-Up & Rolling

Beat the cold and build your skills in the off season!

You can always register for a single session, but we have found that multiple sessions will translate into paddlers becoming more confident with their skills. We are encouraging paddlers to consider attending the three part progression of sessions. This will help you increase your skill  before the spring even gets here.

This three-part progression is designed to have paddlers work on recoveries, both assisted to unassisted, rolling and some balance and bracing. Week one we will do some balance and bracing, rescue refresher which helps increase paddler confidence on and in the water. Week two will focus on rolling, whether that is an introduction or refining your roll – as the instructor will customize the course to each individual learner. Week 3 will be student focused and continue to work on the skills that need attention from the previous sessions.

If you are looking to join just the the Open Coaching sessions these are a semi-private coached pool session will help sharpen your skills. Participants can choose their personal focus each session and work with our coaches to improve their skills. The coach will be prepared to spend time during the session with each participant offering support and suggestions on skill building and technique.

3-Part Series #1

Dates: January 11 (Rescues) + January 25 (Rolling) + February 1 (Open Coaching Practice)

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Pearson College

3-Part Series #2

Dates: February 8 (Rescues) + March 8 (Rolling) + March 15 (Open Coaching Practice)

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Pearson College


Choose $90 per session / $240 for 3 sessions

** Looking for just open pool times? You can choose any of the 6 dates listed above for a single session or 3 for the discounted rate!

Click below to sign up for the 3-part series or for a single session

*Please note that we require proof of double vaccination to participate in any of our pool sessions*