Introduction to Tidal Currents

For the paddler who wants to experience the adventure of moving waters, this program provides a safe, fun environment to explore paddling in tidal currents. Whether you have no previous tidal currents experience or you are working towards improved boat control in dynamic water, this program has something for you. 

The program runs at a spot locally known as “The Stew.”  This location provides a great learning environment with warm waters on the historic Hillsborough tidal estuary in Mount Stewart, PEI.

The course will progress through operating and maneuvering your kayak in moving water starting in very slow current at this friendly venue. We will continue to build our skills as the current slowly builds.  There will be opportunities to to work on rough water rescue & safety techniques and for those wanting to work on more advanced maneuvering there is a small wave that forms at maximum flow.  The program aims to build confidence and control as well as practical understanding of moving water. The format is based on progressive learning with the goal of building confidence in a safe and fun learning environment.

This 2-day weekend program provides numerous benefits including student-centered learning and coaching to help you refine your paddling skills.  Video analysis will be utilized to support and enhance your development.

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Stew Photo


Date – August 7-8, 2021

Location – Mount Stewart, PEI

Price – $299+tax

** 2 spots remain

*  To maximize learning and fun this session is limited to only 6 participants



  • Helmet
  • Paddlers are expected to have previous paddling experience at or above Paddle Canada Level 1 standard
  • Comfortable swimming

** If you do not have a kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available

The program begins in gentle flowing water to build comfort and confidence before progressing


Instruction and video analysis


Personal paddling clothing, lunch, snacks and water, kayak and kayak related gear

** If you do not have a kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available for both

All of our programs are lead by a Paddle Canada certified instructor.
Paddler building confidence in faster moving water