Vancouver Island Programs

Cloud 9 Adventures is excited to be offering a variety of kayaking skill development and training programs on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Whether you are looking for Paddle Canada certification programs, stroke or theory review modules or private sessions to prepare you for your paddling goals we have something for you. When you scroll down through our programs if there is something you would like but don’t see please reach out and we can put together a custom package for you!

Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills

If you are new to kayaking or have never taken any formal training this one day 8-hour course is a great introduction to kayaking.  The primary focus of this program is introducing and developing multiple paddling strokes, introduction to equipment and how it is used, as well as the basic safety and rescue skills to get you started on the water. We have two course dates this spring!

Location: Thetis Lake (Victoria, BC)

Date: August 14, 2021

Cost: $159+tax


Paddle Canada Level-1 Skills

On this 2-day Paddle Canada program paddlers will work towards efficiently and effectively controlling and turning their boats, as well as a variety of stroke techniques. Participants will be introduced to charts, navigation, weather and decision making appropriate for planning day trips.  We will broaden the paddler’s safety tool box to learn about safety equipment, effective bracing technique, simple towing techniques and getting back in your boat with the help of another paddler as well as by yourself.  If you want to become a more confident and capable paddler, this is the program for you. Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level-1 Skills Certificate available for Successful Participants.

Location: Victoria, BC

Date: Contact us if you have a group of 4 or more ( Next scheduled program will be Spring of 2022


Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills

The Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills program is designed to help paddlers build comfort and competence in more exposed waters and allow for improved boat handling and confident rescue and safety skills. With the goal of developing towards self-reliant paddlers, this program will improve upon our navigation skills and decision-making to allow for touring and play in more challenging waters.  We will work to refine existing skills from the Level-1 program and introduce new skills including linking strokes into maneuvers, weather interpretation, paddling in currents and swell and an introduction to rolling.

Location: Discovery Islands (Victoria, BC)

Date: August 10-13

Cost: $599+tax


Paddle Canada Level-3 Skills

The focus of this program will be on the application of leadership, decision making and risk management skills allowing team members the opportunity to lead and make decisions based upon weather conditions and the sea state encountered. Competent boat handling and rescue & safety skills in the variety of conditions will also be a focus of the Paddle Canada Level-3 programs.

The program will utilize a flipped classroom strategy to optimize participants learning opportunities.  This approach will give participants coursework, exercises and preparatory work in advance of the course at no additional charge.  Participants can work on and solidify some theoretical components of the program prior to the course which will allow for more time to apply these skills on the ocean environment.

Other topics include expedition travel, trip planning and navigation in tidal waters as well as technical paddling skills in dynamic waters.   Paddlers will continue to develop and refine strokes and maneuvers as well as advanced rescue and towing techniques.  For both of these programs, the team will come together in a group house for the first couple of days and we will paddle different locations within the region allowing participants to challenge themselves in a variety of areas.  These programs will also have a camping component for the last 3days/2nights.

Location: Deer Group Islands

Date: October 9-13, 2021

Cost: $749+tax



This 6-day West Coast Adventure is geared towards the intermediate paddler interested in further refining their comfort and skills in a variety of dynamic environments including surf, tidal currents and rock gardens. This will be a lodge based experience where we will stay in comfortable accommodations to ensure we are rested and ready for full days of learning and play!

Paddling towards Surge Narrows (Photo by: Jill A Brown)

We will start by exploring some of the amazing tidal current locations found around the beautiful Quadra Island just off Vancouver Island including the well known Surge Narrows which produces standing waves. This venue is sure to provide challenge in a fun and engaging atmosphere! During our stay on Quadra Island we will be staying at the incredible Discovery Island Lodge with warm beds and well outfitted with a spectacular kitchen and sitting area overlooking the ocean and a dockside sauna to rest and relax in the evenings.

Surge Narrows

The second portion of the adventure will take us to the less visited, but hidden gem on Southwestern Coast of Vanouver Island in the Port Renfrew area. This region boasts some impressive rock gardens and sea caves for us to explore. This portion of the program will afford the group opportunities including safety & rescue in the rock environment, positioning & timing of swell and surge for play and maneuvering, boat control, sea caves, a sunset coast navigation paddle, surf breaks and coastal exploration.

Date – October 29 – November 3, 2021

Cost – $1299+tax (CAD) (Lodging & Supper Meals Included)

Location – Quadra Island, Surge Narrows & Port Renfrew

Coaches – Lee Richardson & Jarrod Gunn McQuillan

*  To maximize learning and fun this session is limited to 6 participants

** If you require kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available.

Stroke Improvement & Refinement Session

Come on our for his short session for some focused attention on improving your stroke quality and technique. This session can be tailored for paddlers looking to further improve particular strokes (sweep, draw, reverse) as well as those paddlers looking to blend their strokes into maneuvers!

Location: Thetis Lake (Victoria, BC)

Date: May 19, 2021 (1pm-4pm)

Cost: $75+tax


Safety & Rescues Session

Whether you have had no rescue training in past or have taken some but want to build confidence on the water and in your kayak this session is for you.  Learning and refining your safety and rescue techniques will ensure you and your paddling friends get out on the water and empowered to explore!  This session can be customized to your needs, but will plan to work on balance and control in your boat as well as a variety of assisted and un-assisted rescue techniques.

Location: Thetis Lake (Victoria, BC)

Date: May 26, 2021 (1pm-4pm)

Cost: $75+tax


Pre-course Private Tune-Ups

Theory Sessions

We have private and semi-private options available for people looking to sharpen some theory skills before going on a course this season. These opportunities are customized to the person or small group. We provide our theory tune-ups as an online classroom setting. Some session ideas that many paddlers have been asking about include Navigation, Weather Interpretation and Tides & Currents. We can work around your schedule for dates and timing. Shoot us a message and we can set-up a time!


Navigation Session – April 29

Weather Session – May 5

Tides & Currents Session – May 12

Length: 1.5 hour (per session)

Cost : $40 per session or all three for $100


If you would like different dates and a private session we can select dates that work for you!

Private – $105, includes 15 minute pre session check in to customize program to your needs.

Semi Private – $65 per person (min 2, max 4). Includes private 15 minute pre session check in with each participant to customize program to your needs.


On-Water Sessions

We provide half-day private and semi-private on-water skills sessions for people looking to sharpen their skills before going on course this season. These opportunities are customized to the person or small group. We can delivery on a variety of topics and environments including stroke and rescue tune-ups, introduction to rough water paddling, on-water navigation and more! We will be sure to give you that extra help to ensure you are ready for your upcoming program!

Length: 3 hours

Cost :

Private – $250, includes 15 minute pre session check in to customize program to your needs.

Semi Private -$85/person (min 3, max 4). Includes private 15 minute pre session check in with each participant to customize program to your needs.

Prices do not include travel cost if outside CRD/Victoria area.