Blue Hill Falls

This 2-day skill development adventure is focused on paddlers looking to improve and enhance their rough water boat handling skill while working in the in the tidal current and coastal environment. The Reversing Falls at Blue Hill, Maine and the tidal currents in the area have been selected as it provides the perfect learning venue for paddlers beginning to work on boat control in tidal currents all the way to the paddler with previous experience in currents looking to expand upon their skill-set and improve surfing on tidal waves.

Cloud 9 Adventures has partnered up with an incredible local coach from the area, Chris Audet. His passion for paddling and his extensive coaching background coupled with his knowledge of this paddling location will surely set up paddlers for a weekend full of skill development, fun and camaraderie.

Our time in tidal currents will provide opportunities for participants to work on breaking in and out of the current, boat angle and ferrying, rough water safety & rescues, rough water confidence all the way up to refined boat control focused on surfing a standing tidal wave.

VIDEO – Blue Hill, Maine – A Weekend of Training     by: Kayak Hipster

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Date – May 23-24 This session has been postponed and we are looking for a Fall date.

Location – Blue Hill Reversing Falls, Maine

Coaches – Chris Audet

Price – $449+tax

** If you do not have a kayak and/or kayak related gear please contact us as we have rental options available


  • Helmet & Immersion Gear (Wetsuit/Drysuit)
  • Paddlers are expected to have previous paddling experience in tidal currents or surf and swell.
  • Comfortable with wet-exits, rescue skills and swimming.
  • Paddlers are expected to have a Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills or equivalent skills.

This program is lead by experienced Paddle Canada & ACA certified instructors
Paddler working on ferrying off of standing wave back into the eddy