Marco Reyna

Marco Reyna is a high performance Sports Coach and Athlete, has dedicated his life to high performance sports and to all activities that promote well being. He is a professional coach for both children and adults in Martial Arts, Traditional and Horseback Archery, and Gymnastics and Gymnastics for Equestrian Vaulting.  Marco is enthusiastic to work with every level of student to help them learn the core skills needed to advance in sports and to help them discover new abilities.

Marco uses a multidisciplinary teaching method that incorporates the science of sports.  His students learn the foundations of physical fitness and coordination necessary for safety and progressive success in sports.  His passion for helping others achieve their goals and experience of over 25 years as a coach and mentor has benefited many athletes excel in sports. His central focus is to help people be their best so they have success in sports and in life.

Marco says, “I specialize in sports psychology, childhood development and have studied group dynamics in Mexico, the US and Canada, so I designed teaching methods that adjust to different people’s needs. It’s important to understand how each individual learns in order to best help them.”

Accreditations and Certifications:

Martial Arts: Marco is a Jaguar Knight, the Maximum Leader in the Calmecac School of Martial Arts, Master in Shoaling, Shituryu and Taekwando

Archery: National winner in archery with Olympic bow and President of the Mexican Association of Horseback Archery, Certified Archery Coach from the Olympic Sports Committee in Mexico  

Gymnastic Coaching: Certified High Level Performance Coach in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 4 of 5 and Men’s Level 3 of 5

Vaulting:  Professional Coach in Equestrian Vaulting and Circus Acrobatics

Psychology:  Education and Sport Psychologist for the national gymnastic selection team for the National Institute of Sports in Mexico City where he designed a program to develop motor abilities for 5000 children. 

Equine Ethologist: Founder of Equine Holistic Coaching a Method that studies Equine behavior

First Aid: Commander of the Alpine Rescue Patrol #6

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